the boyfriend shopping survival kit

everything you need to keep the bf entertained on those long, but absolutely necessary shopping trips.

inspired by: our 7 hour christmas shopping spree = one very miserable boyfriend. so as part of his christmas gift, i made him this shopping survival kit.


  • for hunger – pretzel, cheese, beef jerky, apple sauce (you only see apple sauce? that’s because i ate the rest. oops. don’t worry, i’ll replenish it!)
  • for sleepiness –  energy pack
  • for boredom –  travel games (poker and blackjack)
  • for contact problems – contact case, solution, eye drops
  • for accidents – band aid

this project was my first experience with zippers and wow, that was kind of a pain! mental note to self: read directions first!

after completion, i also realized that:

  1. i should have chosen a longer zipper
  2. i should have added a strap

being the crazy virgo that i am, these mini-imperfections are driving me mad! i plan to re-make the survival pack soon. maybe a tutorial to follow?

in the mean time… happy friday, friends!


4 responses to “the boyfriend shopping survival kit

  1. “crazy Virgo”…. Word. Haha

  2. What an adorable idea. It’s difficult for me to get the hubs to go shopping!

  3. Omg, this is such a thoughtful gift! My hubby’s survival kit is his iPhone 4 – LOL!

  4. Oh wow, this is hilarious! And clever! My boyfriend’s would include his mobile, Kindle, mints, and yeah, beef jerky. 😀

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