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my very first rental car

another step toward big girl status (never mind the fact that i’m way pass my “mid-twenties”) — i rented and picked up my very first rental car last week in la! a little bit nervous, a little bit exciting.

 i decided to go with midway rental cars and was glad the confirmation i received came with specific step by step instructions on how to pick up my rental car.

  1.  after collecting your luggage, please exit the baggage claim area on the lower level of the airport. — check
  2. proceed to the center island to the “hotel/courtesy” shuttle pick up area which is indicated by the overhead “red” sign — check
  3. the shuttle will be yellow and will say “quikpark” on the side. — check

 i spot the shuttle almost immediately! what great luck!  *shuttle zooms by*

 wait. looks down at instructions. looks up at red sign. looks down at instructions. “the shuttle runs every 15 minutes; however you are welcome to call them directly for pick up from the lax airport.” i call the rental car company and they promise to send a shuttle asap. cool, i resumed my waiting.

 a few minutes later, i spot another yellow quikpark shuttle. that wasn’t so bad.. *shuttle zooms by*

 i check the red sign above me a second time. i’m fairly certain i’m in the right spot!

 it’s now been well over 20 minutes and i’m starting to get bored. despite being fairly quiet in nature i also have a short attention span. and this was driving me nuts! there was one lone man standing a little to my left. i say hi in hopes of starting some friendly convo. he gives me a frightened look just as his shuttle pulls up and he scurried onto his shuttle without a word.

hmm. another man comes to a stop a little to my right. i decide to take my chances and try again. the second man was a bit more responsive and asked my ethnicity. i told him i was chinese, which seemed to perk his interest. the next thing you know, we were new bffs and i was reminded, yet again, just how bad my mandarin really is (sorry, grandma).

 just as the conversation was getting fun, i glanced up to see my shuttle pulling away from the curb! doh! the shuttle actually stopped and i’m about to miss it! i said a quick goodbye to my new friend and ran after my shuttle, arms waving. luckily the bus driver hadn’t made it very far and stopped to let me on! *whew*

 i was a little sad to see my new friend vanish because i know i’ll probably never see him again — it’s kind of interesting the people who come and go from your life!

 anyway, 30 minutes later i walk out of midway car rental with a apple green fiat 500c! i couldn’t help but smile when i saw it. i was pretty darn proud of my little green car! que and my brother disagreed though (they were afraid i’d get run over on the cali hwys!) and i wasn’t allowed to drive it all weekend. boo.

 oh, well. cute though, isn’t it? 😀



sorry i’ve been mia. it’s been hectic, crazy around here..

some random stuff lately:

realization: it seems most of the posts i’ve “re-released” thus far have been all about food. oops.
+ sick: ugh. i was in california for work last week and brought back a cold/flu. currently feeling awful.
cute: i opened my suitcase and found a huge stack of paintings from my nephews!
addictions: half and half milk tea, maple cream cookies
the big news: i suppose it’s about time i told you, que & i got engaged! woohoo!

a fresh start


lately i’ve been pondering the direction of this little blog & thought it best to start fresh (yey!). i’ve privatized old posts and will reissue relevant / “popular” posts after a little cleaning here and there. i hope you won’t mind too much!   *scrub scrub*