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1 bag of dark chocolate
1 orange
1 cup sugar


  1. cut orange into wedges, eat orange
  2. save and slice orange peel
  3. boil water in pot, toss orange peels into water; let cook for a few minutes; drain and repeat (removes bitterness)
  4. simmer 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar; toss orange peels into pot; simmer for 1 hour
  5. drain and place peels on paper towels
  6. melt dark chocolate in double boiler
  7. dip peels in chocolate and let dry on parchment paper
  8. eat!

* i also rolled a batch in sugar (replacing steps 6 and 7 above), here’s a recipe via the food network


cranberry orange pistachio cookies

anh and i were walking through the farmer’s market last weekend when we came across the best cranberry orange cookies! they were so tasty i was inspired to make my very own batch.

i turned to trusty google, which of course turned up a plethora of recipes, and after browsing through a few – i decide on this pistachio version via culinary concoctions by peabody. why did i choose it? well, her mom said they were good. and i trust moms and food. they know what they’re talkin’ bout.

the result? mommy peabody was right. they were good.  they’re like mini sugar cookies with stuff in it. and they’re soft. soft and fluffy! they’re not quite the same as the cranberry orange cookies we found at the farmer’s market, but I’m not complaining. i’ve had four today already and i foresee several more before bed time 😦

now, the question is – what do I do with my other 36 cookies??! must.stop.eating.

cranberry orange cookies
Made about 40 cookies


orange sugar
1/3 cup sugar
1 tsp freshly grated orange peel

1 cup sugar
¾ cup butter, room temperature
1 egg
2 cups all purpose flour
1 ½ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp baking soda
½ cup sweetened dried cranberries, chopped
½ cup pistachio nuts
1 tbsp freshly grated orange peel


  1. to make orange sugar: combine sugar and orange in a small bowl and set aside
  2. mix sugar, butter, and egg in a large bowl; beat at medium high until creamy
  3. reduce speed to low and add remaining ingredients; continue beating until well mixed
  4. roll dough into 1″ balls; roll balls in orange sugar and place 2 inches apart on baking sheet; flatten balls into 1-1/2″ circles with the bottom of a glass
  5. bake at 350 degress for 7-11 minutes or until edges are lightly browned (do not overbake!)

lemon berry cupcakes

maybe it was the keylime bars i made for puppy’s first birthday or maybe it was the margarita cupcakes i made for cinco de mayo, but in my mind farrah = key lime! so when she called/texted me on monday night with cupcake requests, i immediately thought of this lemon berry recipe!

plus, i love the color of the berry frosting – it was perfect for the flower theme i had in mind (farrah also reminds me of fusia colored gerber daisies)!

needless to say, the recipe was perfect for farrah.

and i think farrah thinks so too! she passed out exactly enough cupcakes for all of her guests (minus me. i believe her reasoning was, “you have some at home, right? these are mine.”) and hoarded safely packed away the rest. angela almost had hers taken away because “they were too pretty for eating” and even the instructor (farrah’s birthday party was at painting w/ a twist) who came by to take a peak didn’t deserve a cupcake offer (awkward, awkward moment).

happy birthday, farrah. thank you for liking my cuppie cakes! i heart you!

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bunch at tiny boxwoods

Tiny Boxwood's

Chalkboards are awesome

So are giant clocks

Guys in fedoras

Fresh out of the oven cookies

The "French Picnic"

Breakfast foods (yup, that's a Steak & Egg Pizza back there),

& Giant cups of coffee!

tiny boxwood’s
3416 west alabama
houston, tx 77027